Namak Ishq Ka upcoming twist: Will Kahani leave the house or will Yug stop any excuse again

Namak Ishq Ka upcoming twist: In the upcoming episode of Namak Ishq Ka, you will see that Gunjan will be forced in front of Gunjan’s victory and will wear Gunjan

As Iravati has given advice to both her daughters, both her daughters, both her daughters Gunjan and Rupa, that you guys can do your own thing now.

That is why Gunjan and Yug will go to any extent to get it. Gunjan will try to get Yug by hurting himself.

Gunjan will threaten Yug with a knife that if you don’t marry me, I will kill myself. Gunjan tells Yug that you have to convince me that you will leave Kahani and marry me.

Yug will ask Gunjan what should I do to make you believe. So his dynasty will give Mangalsutra to the Gunjan era.

And will say that you wear it to me and wear it to me and Yug will wear Gunjanutra in front of his family and Gunjan in front of Kahani.

Namak Ishq Ka - jiotvvinee
Does Kahani come to know the truth of Baba or something goes wrong again?

After which Gunjan becomes very happy and on the other hand Kahani gets a big shock. Kahani stops in Yug’s house only and only so that he can reach his Baba and tell people the truth of his childhood.

Now in the coming episodes Namak Ishq Ka upcoming twist, it will be interesting to see if Kahani will leave this house. Or will the Yug again stop Kahani from being an excuse.


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