Namak Ishq ka Spoiler Alert: Raunak’s black handiwork came in front of all the family

In the upcoming episode of the serial Namak Ishq ka spoiler alert, you will see that the truth of Raunak is revealed to all the people.

Where on the other side there is the atmosphere of Yug and Gunjan’s wedding. On the other hand, Raunak and Roopa are about to get divorced from each other.

Their servant Patanga gets the news of their divorce. He goes to tell this news to Sunny. But no one listens to him.

That’s when he tells the story to everyone. Kahani gets more surprised after hearing all this. Kahani goes to the Yug to tell all these things.

But at that time she is unable to tell anything to Yug. Where is the atmosphere of marriage now in the house?

In the same era and Raunak’s younger sister also comes with her grandmother. A fun twist will be seen in the upcoming episodes of this serial.

Grandma is going to reveal a lot. Daadi’s hand will bring Raunak and Rupa’s marriage divorce papers. Because of this, they get very upset.

She wants to tell this thing to all the family members. Grandma shouts at Iravati. Dadi tells Iravati that if you stay at the daughter’s house.


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Then you should keep an eye on the daughter and son-in-law. Dadi gets angry and throws divorce papers over Iravati and leaves.

Irawati gets very shocked by reading the paper. Irawati thinks why is it happening that Rupa and Raunak are getting divorced from each other.

Hearing the news of Raunak and Rupa’s divers, the era gets disturbed. He thinks that he made a deal with his brother to forget the Kahani.

After knowing the news of the divers, all the families ask Rupa what has happened. Because of which they are required to take divers.

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You will get to see a lot of interesting twists in the episodes ahead. In the Namak Ishq ka spoiler alert next episode, you will see that very soon Raunak’s hideous face and his black handiwork will come before all the people.

All the householders will know about Raunak’s black handiwork due to Rupa. Rupa tells Raunak’s affair to all householders that the main reason for getting a divorce.

Namak Ishq ka 28 January 2021 full episode: jiotvvinee
Upcoming twist, Yug will marry Chamcham

After listening to his mother-in-law, the ground slips under the feet of the Yug. Hearing all this, Iravati also gets very angry.

She goes to catch Raunak’s throat with anger. But then Rupa stops Iravati. We will get a new twist in the episodes ahead of it.

In the next episode, we will get to see that all the families will be surprised when everyone knows that Raunak’s affair is not from anyone but the Kahani. The upcoming episode of Namak Ishq ka spoiler alert to be more interesting.

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