Namak Ishq Ka 6th March 2021 Full episode: All truth of Kahani’s innocence in front of Yug, will Kahani get wife status?

Namak Ishq Ka 6th March 2021 Full episode: In the upcoming episodes of Namak Ishq Ka, you will see that the innocence of Kahani will come in front of Yug and the ugly face of Raunak will also come in front of Yug.

Yug saves Kahani. But she falls unconscious due to injury to Kahani. After which Yug takes him to the hospital.

Where Kahani tells his truth from Yug even in a state of unconsciousness. She tells him that it was because of Raunak that she married him.


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Raunak kidnapped his siblings. When Yug comes to know about his brother’s actions. So he goes to her room to ask her.

But Raunak refuses to accept. After which Yug tries to unravel the reality by scaring him by hanging him from the roof. After which he confesses that he kidnapped his siblings Lucky and Rani.

In the coming episodes, it will be interesting to see whether Yug will accept Kahani as his wife after Yug finds out the innocence of Kahani.

Will he give her the status of being a wife. So nEXT episode of Namak Ishq Ka to be more entertaining.


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