Namak Ishq Ka 4th March 2021 full episode: After all, how will Kahani take revenge From Yug

Namak Ishq Ka 4th March 2021 full episode: In the upcoming episodes of Namak Ishq Ka, we will now see if Yug will save the life of Kahani.

Whereupon Yug refuses to give money to Kahani. So she goes out dancing to feed her siblings. Then there some goons disturb Kahani.

And when Kahani starts going from there. They also start chasing him. Kahani collides with the runaway Yug. And asks Yug to help her.

Kahani when Yug went to ask for money, Yug refuses to give money. And he gives the money to Gunjan.

But when Yug again calls Kahani to give money, Kahani does not take money and tells him that I do not need any help from you.

Kahani when Yug asks for help. Yug helps him to get rid of those goons, but also tells him a lot of taunts. He tells her that the dancing buses ruin the house.

And he saves her from those goons. But also taunts him constantly. Because it seems that his house was ruined due to Kahani of Yug, but it is wrong to believe that. Because behind all this is the hand of his brother Raunak.

Not of Kahani. Now it will be interesting to see in the Namak Ishq Ka nEXT episodes whether Kahani is a revenge of his dishonor with Yug or not.


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