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Namak Ishq Ka 27th April 2021 written update: In the upcoming episodes of the serial Namak Ishq Ka, we will get to see that Yug and Kahani are going to go out of the house.

In further episodes in the serial, we will get to see that Saroj, the mother of Yug, will be a new idea to move Kahani away from home and from Yug.

Yug’s mother pulls in Kahani’s talk and in front of all her family members, we are seen to be very insulting.

On the other hand, we get to see that Gunjan is seen trying to harvest Yug quite a lot. Actually, nothing has happened between Yug and Gunjan but Gunjan is playing a new game with Yug to kill him.

Actually, Kahani saw Gunjan mixing the drug with milk, due to which he had already alerted Yug. While Gunjan lies in front of all the family members to make a talk.

But all of Gunjan’s lies are caught in front of everyone because the story and Yug tell the real truth in front of everyone.


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Although Yug plays with Gunjan, making Gunjan feel like Yug is drunk, nothing of the sort happens.

Yug also tells his mother Saroj. That he is in love with Kahani and has married Kahani with full custom.

Hearing this, Yug’s mother Saroj is very angry at Yug and she angrily slaps him. The same we get to see in the next episode of the serial Namak Ishq Ka that Saroj Yug says that you get away from this house and its eyes with Kahani as soon as possible.

Namak Ishq Ka 27th April 2021 written update: Sarkariflix
Namak Ishq Ka written update: Yug and Kahani will be evicted from their home

Saroj tells Yug that if they leave this house, they will have to end their relationship with their mother and they will not get any property.

He will marry Gunjan with another good boy and will give him all the property. Thus we get to see further than Yug gets religion in trouble due to these things of his mother, he does not understand what he should do.

We will see in the following episodes that Kahani makes tea for everyone when all the families are having breakfast at the dining table.

Kahani first gives tea to Yug’s mother Saroj, thus Yug’s mother Saroj gets very angry at Kahani and throws her tea. Yug is also very angry with this thing.

Thus, in the upcoming episodes of the serial Namak Ishq Ka, it will be quite interesting to see if Yug decides to leave his mother in a fit of anger or will he leave Kahani?