Namak Ishq Ka 24th March 2021 full episode: Raunak warns Kahani in his style

Namak Ishq Ka 24th March 2021 full episode: In the next episode of the serial Namak Ishq Ka, we will see that the friendship between Yug and Kahani seems to be growing more.

That is, Yug is slowly starting to believe Kahani, that he is starting to feel that he is not right at home, but Kahani is right in her place.

After thinking all these things, he appears to be supporting Kahani. As we will see in the following episodes, both Kahani and Yug’s mother live in the same house.

Namak Ishq Ka 22 March 2021 full episode: jiotvvinee
Namak Ishq Ka, Kahani is just one step away from knowing the truth of her Parents

With all these things, Yug himself leaves the house and goes away because this is because Yug decides in front of all the people that he will live with Gunjan in another house.

Because of this, his mother and Kahani have no need to leave that house. In the next episode, we will get to see what Kahani speaks to Yug.


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It has been heard in front of all the family members that eating food from a friend’s hands will strengthen the friendship. She tells Kahani Yug if you will feed us with your own hands.

Only then Yug is about to feed Kahani with his hands, but the humming size stops him. There Yug once again falls into a religious dilemma.

Seeing all this, the senses of Gunjan are blown away, she is very angry from inside. And she does not allow Yug to do this.


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Yug does not understand with whom he can support his friend Kahani or Gunjan. Thus, many more fun twists will be seen in the upcoming episodes of the serial Namak Ishq Ka.


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