Namak Ishq Ka 22 March 2021 full episode: Kahani is just one step away from knowing the truth of her Paretn

Namak Ishq Ka 22 March 2021 full episode: In the next episode of the serial Namak Ishq Ka, we will see that Yug’s mother keeps Kahani’s and her bag outside the door with her.

And she tells Yug that either Kahani will stay in this house, or I have to choose one of these two now. We will get to see that Yug has saved Kahani’s life by breaking her mother’s oath.

All the members of the house are very angry with this act of Yug. But Yug does so. Because it makes sense that someone’s swearing and utterance is the most valuable one’s life.


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So he saves Kahani because of it. If seen, then Yug is now beginning to go slowly to Kahani. So now he does not want to see Kahani in trouble.

Whenever Kahani faces a big problem, she closes the mountain and stands around it. It just proves that Yug has fallen in love with Kahani somewhere and is sitting on a chair who wants to meet her.

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She goes with Kahani to meet Baba and Baba would be very happy to see Kahani with her. Baba wants to tell the truth of Kahani’s mother and Baba to him, but only then we get to see a twist in the serial.

Kahani becomes Baba’s accident, causing him to go into a coma, Kahani is very sad to know that she feels that now she might not know about the truth of her mother and Baba.

It will be quite interesting to see in the next episode of serial Namak Ishq Ka whether Kahani will be able to find out her truth or not.


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