Namak Ishq Ka 19th March 2021 full episode: Yug saves Kahani from goons, Kahani’s love magic works on Yug

Namak Ishq Ka 19th March 2021 full episode: In the next episode of the serial Namak Ishq Ka, we will get to see some romantic scenes of Yug and Kahani.

On one hand, while all the families have come to know that there has been a direct fall, on the other hand Yug is worried about his life.

While not going to save her, Kahani’s kidnapping is done by the chief, the goons who capture Kahani and try to send her, Yug goes there to save her.

Yug reaches there to save Kahani’s life. Kahani is very happy to see this. Because somewhere Kahani feels that Yug will definitely come there to save her life.


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And it happens that there is a belief and trust somewhere in love. If you love someone with a sincere heart, then there is a feeling of respect in your heart and a hope when you are in trouble.

Similarly, Kahani also feels. Yug gets hurt a little while saving Kahani. Seeing this, Kahani feels a little sad. On the other side, it is seen that Kahani also appears fighting with goons.

Next to that we will see that after fighting with the goons, when Kahani and Yug are saved safely. So they hug each other.

In this way, Yug will be seen in further episodes, slowly, towards Kahani, he has started falling in love with each other.

But let us tell all of you, Yug’s love for Kahani is such that he cannot show it in front of everyone. But inside he has started liking it from inside.

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In the next episode of the serial Namak Ishq Ka, we will see where Kahani feels that Yug has come to save her life.

Despite all this Yug tells him that he has no concern with him, he is only fulfilling his responsibilities.

But in the following episodes, it will be known very soon that Kahani’s love will gradually change Yug’s life. What will happen when Iravati reacts to Kahani alive?


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