Namak Ishq ka 18 February episode: Once again, Kahani will appear in front of her family in the role of Nachania,

Namak Ishq ka written update: In the upcoming episode of Namak Ishq Ka, you will see that Yug’s mother will make Kahani herself homeless.

Iravati followed her tricks and invited some goons into the house and danced with Rupa so that all the householders would get upset.

And Rupa was very shocked that Rupa danced like a Nachhaniya wearing a Ghungroo in front of the goons.

Iravati did all this because all the people of the house would realize that something has started to happen due to the arrival of a Nachnia in the house.

Only because of this will go from this house. Yug’s mother will be angrier because of Kahani. Because she loves her daughter-in-law Rupa very much and can not bear this kind of insult.

She will hold Kahani responsible for all these things. Yug’s mother will get very angry and she will tell Kahani that the two-clad Nachaniya cannot live here and will get angry and drag Kahani out of the house.

Seeing all this, Yug gets very much attentive. Yug thinks that if Kahani goes away from this house then his brother Raunak will bother him to marry Kahani again.

And his sister-in-law’s house will be destroyed. That is why maybe Yug will stop Kahani from going home and if Kahani goes, then his mother-in-law’s house will be destroyed.

That is why Yug will stop Kahani from being known for the sake of her sister-in-law. Now in the coming episodes, it will be interesting to see if Yug stops Kahani from going or not.

Or then seeing his sister-in-law dancing hurts Yug’s heart and he lets Kahani go. You will see in the Namak Ishq ka coming episodes more twist.


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