Namak Ishq Ka 16 April 2021 written update: Yug deserves Kahani, after getting remarried


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Namak Ishq Ka 16 April 2021 written update: In the upcoming episode of Namak Ishq Ka, you will see that Yug will bring Kahani to his home and get Kahani all the rights he deserves after getting remarried.

Actually, in the upcoming episodes, you will get to see Yug after marrying Kahani and will bring him back to his house. But when Yug comes home with Kahani, there will be no one at home to take care of Yug’s mother.

Yug and Kahani will be very happy and Yug will also enter Kahani’s house. Yuga will himself perform the aarti of Kahani and his house will enter.

Yug deserves Kahani, after getting remarried

But when the whole family reaches home, Kahani will stand at the door with Aarti’s platter, seeing that all the householders will be very much shocked and Yug’s mother is also very shocked to see Kahani.

Yug’s mother will understand that Yug has remarried, so Kahani has come home with him.

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Then Kahani will say that no matter what in-laws are, her in-laws are the same in-laws, Yug also knows that coming to Kahani’s house, the family will be very upset and unhappy. But Yug Kahani will get all the rights he deserves.


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But here, Gunjan’s heart will be seen as Yug and Kahani have remarried. All the family members will do evil to Kahani, but this time Kahani does not feel so bad as her love is with him. Which gives him the strength to fight.

But is it right for a dancing dancer to suddenly change what is Yug Kahani? Is that why he married Kahani or did he marry her to save the happiness of his family members? so that next Namak Ishq Ka written update to be more entertaining.


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