Namak Ishq Ka 1 March 2021 full episode: Yug has given mangalsutra to Gunjan, Kahani reaction

Namak Ishq Ka 1 March 2021 full episode: In the upcoming episodes of Namak Ishq Ka, you will see that Kahani leads to victory.

Yug has given Gunjan the mangalsutra. The same vermilion is full of demand for Kahani. All the family members support Gunjan and Yug also supports Gunjan.

Yug goes away from home without telling the same Kahani and Gunjan. There is a war in who first brings the young men to the house and sets out to find both ages.

Kahani first traces Yug. Yug also tells his heart to Kahani. He tells Kahani I love you in a state of intoxication.

And he also calls Kahani very full. But he finally spoke his heart out of Kahani. But Gunjan brings Yug at home.

And seeing this, all the family members are very happy that Gunjan finally finds Yug. Iravati says to Gunjan that you take Yug to your room.

Then Kahani comes from behind and she tells Gunjan that Yug will not go to your room but to our room. In my room.

Seeing all this, Iravati tells Gunjan that Gunjan will take you to her room. That is why Kahani tells Gunjan that you should walk on a ladder.

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What is real secret of Yug’s love is Kahani or Gunjan

Something has happened between Gunjan and Kahani that not even all the people of the house know. Because Yug was not the first person to find Kahani, but how did Yug come to Gunjan.

Now it will be interesting to see what has happened between Gunjan and Kahani that no one knows, except for Gunjan and Kahani. So that next episode of Namak Ishq ka serial to be more interesting.


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