Molkki Written Update: Vikas will force Purvi to have a relationship

Molkki Written Update: In this serial next episode, we will see that a big accident will happen with Purvi. In fact, the guest of Sakshi will force with Purvi and behind this plan will be the hand of Prakashi Devi and Anjali.

Actually, in the coming episodes, Prakashi Devi will deliberately make such a plan that the husband of Sakshi’s friend i.e. Vikas who is keeping a bad eye on Purvi.

He forces Purvi to find him alone and forces him to stain the dignity of Purvi, in fact, Purvi will drag and slap the man. To touch him wrong but the talk will be fine at that time but now Purvi will try to stay away from that man.

But Prakashi Devi will deliberately go to the temple with the whole family carrying Virendra Sakshi and her friend Aarti. But Vikas means that Sakshi’s friend’s husband will stay at home with the excuse of getting sick.

And only Purvi and both the children will remain at home, after which that guest of the witness will pretend to be ill.

With which the witness will go to a maid to tell Purvi to take care of development and give her a decoction and drink it.


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After which Purvi will take the decoction and go to Vikas’s room and Vikas will see Purvi alone and lock him in the room. And will try to force her with him only then Purvi will shout loudly but no one will come to save her.

Only then Juhi and Manas will see from the window that Vikas is forcefully forcing her hand, that is, Purvi. And both will make a plan to save Purvi, but now it has to be seen whether Virendra will be able to come at the right time and see that man’s dark misdeeds.

And will you be able to avoid being punished with Purvi or will both the children save their handi i.e. Purvi? So that Molkki upcoming next episode of a written update to be more interesting.


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