Molkki Written Update: Purvi’s marriage will break down

Molkki Written Update: In the upcoming episode, we will see that Purvi’s marriage will break down and her life will be saved from becoming hell.

Actually, In the show, Purvi will be married to the same person about whom Anjali has told that Sakshi, Prakashi will get Purvi married to the same boy after coming to the words of Goddess Anjali.

They are a very bad person and he wants to ruin Purvi’s life too. The same will be very much broken by this engagement of Virendra Purvi and he will say that you will get rid of your chatter but how will you get rid of your memories.

But both Virendra and Purvi will give up their love for Sakshi’s happiness. After which Purvi’s engagement will be taking place with pomp at the haveli but Virendra will not be able to see all this.

And on the other hand the kids Juhi and Manas will get suspicious that this boy is not the right person and they will go to some man.

And will tell her everything about that boy how he is going to marry her Haathi i.e. Poorvi. And both the children will expose that boy in front of everyone with the help of that man, after which Virendra will not allow Purvi’s engagement with that boy.

And will push her out of the mansion and once again Purvi’s life will be saved from ruin because of both the kids Juhi and Manas. And this does not mean that Purvi’s engagement with this boy will be broken, then Sakshi will not get Purvi engaged to any other boy.

In fact, in the coming episodes, Purvi’s first love is about to return, so that Sakshi will also get Purvi married. But now it has to be seen which new turn brings in Virendra Purvi’s life.


And after knowing the truth Virendra, what is the condition of that boy and what do you think people will be able to stop the engagement of both the children Juhi and Manas Purvi.

And will the truth of that boy come in front of Virendra and will he not bring the truth of Prakashi Devi and Anjali to the fore. Molkki Written Update of the serial Molkki written update will be even more fun.


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