Molkki Written Update Episode 156: Will Vipul and Purvi get married?

Molkki Written Update Episode 156: In the next episode of the serial Mollki, there is going to be a bet between Virendra and Sakshi. Now what will be the condition we will know in this episode.

Here we will get to see that Sakshi is seen trying her best to get Purvi and Vipul married. Here Sakshi tries to bring Vipul closer to Purvi.

Next, we will get to see that Sakshi tells Purvi that here there are some important files of Mukhiya Ji which he needs, and will find it with your help Vipul.

The same we will get to see ahead that the feet of the eastern will slip from the stool, she will be about to fall, only then Vipul will catch her so that she will be saved.

In this way the East will be in the arms of Vipul, only then there will be a sudden entry of Mukhiya Ji i.e. Virendra. Seeing this, Virendra will get very angry.

On the other hand, Sakshi will try to strengthen the relationship between Purvi and Vipul. Sakshi will tell Purvi that if both of you are childhood friends then there will be many stories of your childhood too.

Being happy with this witness of the same witness, Purvi will say that if we tell the tales, then they will not end soon. There are so many. Hearing this, the chief feels suffocated once again inside.

Thus, it will be quite interesting to see in the upcoming episodes of Molkki Written Update, will Vipul and Purvi get married? Will Virender not be able to do anything, what do you think?


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