Molkki Written Update Episode 154: Purvi will be ready to marry Vipul

Molkki Written Update Episode 154: In the upcoming episode, we will see that the life of Sakshi due to Purvi and Virendra change.

Because Sakshi will now get Sakshi Purvi married to her first love i.e. Vipul. In fact, it was seen in the show that Purvi gets trapped in the golden due to fire but there Purvi’s first love ie Vipul reaches there and rescues Purvi safely and brings her out of the warehouse, seeing which the witness will be very happy.

After which both Sakshi and Purvi’s sister Priyasi will talk, only then Priyasi will tell Sakshi that Vipul loves Purvi very much and he wants to see Di happy, he cannot see her in any trouble.

Hearing this from Priyasi, Sakshi will feel that there can be no other boy for Purvi than Vipul, about Sakshi will also tell Virendra that Vipul loves Purvi very much.

And there can be no better boy for Purvi than Vipul who would love and protect him so much. And Sakshi will tell Virendra that she wants Purvi and Vipul to get married, hearing Virendra will be blown away because now Virendra cannot even refuse.

And he will have to get Purvi married for the happiness of Sakshi and his family members and on the other hand Purvi’s first love i.e. Vipul’s entry will have been done in Purvi’s life and he will remain in the mansion with Purvi’s sister Priyaasi.


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And as Vipul must have saved Purvi’s life due to which he will also be injured so Purvi will take care of him and Virendra will not be able to see all this he will be jealous when Purvi goes near Vipul.

Same Prakashi Devi and Anjali will be happy seeing Virendra Sakshi and Purvi’s life because Virendra will be agonized all the time seeing Purvi with Vipul and he will definitely take some such step which is going to give a big shock to Sakshi.

But now it has to be seen whether Purvi will be ready to marry Vipul or whether Virendra will leave Sakshi and adopt his Bawri. and won’t let her marry Vipul.


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