Molkki Written Update Episode 153: Purvi will get trapped in a room and there will be a fire

Molkki Written Update Episode 153: In the upcoming episode, we will see that Purvi will get trapped in a room and there will be a fire in that room but her first love will come to save Purvi.

Actually, Purvi’s marriage breaks up in the show, which makes Virendra very happy because he never wants his Bawri to get married to someone else.

And he shares his happiness with Purvi and says I am very happy because now you will not get married and you will not go anywhere except me.

But Purvi will tell Virendra with folded hands that he should forget him and in this, our relationship and his love are also good for us and Sakshi Ji is also happy. After listening to which Virendra will be sad again and will become more fond of why Purvi wants to go away from him.

The same witness will regret the breakup of Purvi’s relationship and will talk to Virendra that both of you will get divorced very soon but I do not want that I should send Purvi from here like this, I want to get her married and send her away from here.

The same Purvi will get a call from Priyashi that she has come to Goa, due to which Purvi will be very happy that her sister has reached Goa but Priyaasi will tell Purvi that she is not alone but there are other people with her.

After which Purvi will be trapped in a room and there will be a fierce fire in that room, after which she will also plead to save her life, only then will her first love Vipul reach there.


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After which Sakshi will come to know that Vipul is Purvi’s first love and she will also decide to get Purvi married to Vipul.

But now it has to be seen whether this time Virendra will be able to stop Purvi’s marriage because this time luck has supported Virendra but this time Purvi’s first love has returned, who loves Purvi very much and will keep her very happy.

Well, what do you think, will Virendra be able to stop Vipul and Purvi’s marriage this time or will Purvi get married to Vipul.


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