Molkki Written Update: Dangerous Twist in Purvi and Mukhiya Life

Molkki Written Update: In this episode of Molkki, we will see that a big explosion is going to happen in the lives of Virendra and Purvi because now the witness is going to come before Molkki i.e. the truth of Purvi.

And it will see that both Sakshi and Purvi will observe Karva Chauth fast for Virendra and this fast will be very special for both as this will be the first vow of Purvi and it will be special for the witness who has returned after so many years.

And in this, firstly, the witness of the Range Sakshi will open and then go to the eastern to open his fast and in this Virendra will also help both the children, Juhi and Manas will both help in bringing Virendra to Purvi

And then Anjali will listen to Juhi Manas and Virendra and she will understand that these three are planning to meet Purvi and she will go to Sakshi and fill her ears.

After which Sakshi will start looking for Virendra to know where he went, then Anjali will tell Sakshi that I have seen him going towards the servants’ room, on hearing that Sakshi will become very fond.


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And when Virendra will be opening the eastern fast and promise her that she will not just be a Molkki.

And then the witness will come there and hear all these things and they will know that the Purvi is none other than Virendra’s Molkki.

Knowing this, Sakshi will get a big shock but now it has to be seen what will change after knowing the truth, will Sakshi Purvi and Virendra’s relationship accept Sakshi Purvi as Virendra’s Molkki.

And will Sakshi give Eastern the right to be Virendra’s wife or will Virendra be left between Sakshi and Purvi.

And now it has to be seen what decision Virendra will take on this blast of Karva Chauth, whose hand is held by the eastern or the witness.


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