Molkki Written Update 8th April 2021 Episode 104: Anjali will steal the jewels of Purvi

Molkki Written Update 8th April 2021 Episode 104: In the upcoming episode of Molkki, Anjali and her sister will try to steal the jewels of Purvi, while Virendra will save Purvi.

In the upcoming show, you will see that Anjali and her sister together will steal the jewels of Purvi and will see all this with the drone of Purvi Manas. But she cannot see his face.

He will also get Juhi and Manas, Sudha, Priyasi to talk to Purvi through video calling. After which they will come to know that Eastern is in big trouble.

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Mukhiya discovers Purvi, now what will happen to Anjali

Someone has kidnapped him. Those people will ask where are you at Purvi, then Purvi will tell them whether it is an old ruin or a factory.

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I do not know much. After which both Sudha and Priyasi will accompany the children to save Purvi and then Gidnapper will take Purvi to gunpoint.

Only then will Virendra come back and save his eastern. As soon as Virendra arrives, both the children Juhi and Manas Babbar the lion will shout loudly.


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Purvi will also be surprised to hear this and will find Virendra as soon as he turns. Purvi becomes very happy after seeing Virendra.

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In the upcoming episodes, it will have to be seen whether Purvi is able to open up Prakashi Devi and Anjali in front of everyone. So that the next Molkki Written Update will be very interesting to watch.


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