Molkki spoilers Upcoming twist: Vaibhav forced honeymoon trip with Priyu

Molkki spoilers episode: In the upcoming episode of Molkki, Purvi and Virender’s love will begin with the headman going to college. Beginning of your new life.

In the coming episodes, Purvi and Virendra’s relationship is going to rain on love. Actually, in the show, it is seen that Virendra punishes his brother Vaibhav.

Because there is no one to trap him and attack him, but his own brother Vaibhav. At the same time, the honeymoon also returns fearfully.

And tells the truth in front of Virendra and the housemates that Vaibhav tried to force him again with Priyu. And also beat me up as well.

After which Virendra loses his temper. And makes Vaibhav get severe punishment in front of the entire villagers.

At the hands of Priyanshi, Vaibhav’s face is blackened and he sits on the donkey and walks the whole village. After which Vaibhav will be locked in the dungeon.

And the key of that dungeon is near the Priyu. At the same time, Purvi will be the new beginning of its life. And she goes to college to start her new life.

And she will start her further studies. At the same time, there will be a new love debut between Mukhiya Ji.

You will see that Purvi will come to college in a long car. The way she dresses the way she lives. They will all go to college to complete their studies in clothes.

But seeing all the students over there, they will comment on Purvi that it seems to be a spoiled child of some rich father.

Molkki spoilers 9 February 2021 preview: Virendra gives to punish Vaibhav - jiotvvinee
Molkki spoilers, Virendra gives to punish Vaibhav

It is wearing very expensive clothes, very expensive jewelry. Hearing this, Purvi will feel very shocked that she will go home and ask Virendra.

We will not go to college in your long car. Like us and students, we will go to college in a normal way. Virendra would say that you will go on a bicycle after becoming a headman.

At least take care of my respect. But after Purvi’s insistence, Virendra will listen to Purvi. Purvi cycle will go to college in the upcoming episode Molkki.

And Virendra will also leave him on a cycle. And here we will start a new relationship. But seeing both of them approaching, Anjali will also do a new trick. And Buri will also support Anjali.


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