Molkki spoilers 8 February 2021 preview: Virendra’s life is in danger

Molkki spoilers episode: The upcoming episode of Molkki will lead to a fatal attack on the Mukhiya Ji. How to protect Purvi to Virendra.

Actually, in the coming episodes, you will see that some goons will kill Virendra on the way. Because of this, Virendra’s condition will become very critical.

On the other hand, the Experiment will call Purvi and tell me that I heard Vaibhav talking to someone on the phone.

He was talking to the man on the phone about revenge from the head. Hearing this, the chief will be very shocked.

And he will start to fear that Virendra’s life is in danger. What happened? You are not caught in any big trouble.

On the other hand, the headman will get a call from the children’s school. And the school mam would say to Purvi that the parents of all the children have come here.

And where are you guys Hearing this, Purvi will be very scared to know where the chief is. And why haven’t you come yet?

But Virendra was attacked by some goons in such a way that his condition would become very bad. And he must have fallen on the road.

In the coming episodes, it has to be seen whether the life of the chief will be in danger. Will Purvi be able to protect its honeymoon.

What happened will be Purvi. Which will save Virendra’s life. In the upcoming episodes, Molkki Spoilers will be very interesting.


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