Molkki spoilers 12 February 2021 episode: Purvi’s life in danger, will Virendra be saved

Molkki spoilers episode: In the upcoming episode, the chieftain will be seen falling from the roof. Actually, Purvi will have his first day in college and he will go to college to complete his further studies.

But some seniors over there will try to take junior ragging. And there will be a senior mouth that also takes racking.

However, those seniors would not know that this is Mukhiya Ji. The senior mouth of the college will be asked to come on the roof. And he will get Kat walking there.

But here, on the edge of a senior student, the head will ask Mukhiya Ji to walk the cat. Hearing this, the Purvi’s senses will fly away and she will think that there is no threat to my life.

But to prove herself, she will climb the roof and walk on the catwalk. But then Virendra, sitting in the canteen. Virendra will be seen Purvi.

She will be very much afraid as to why he is walking on the dolly of the Purvi terrace. The twist will come when the Mukhiya foot slips and she falls down from the roof.

Let us tell you that nothing will happen here at all because Virendra will definitely save his life. Actually, Purvi leg is just like the previous one and it will fall down.

And shout very loudly to save. Only then will Virendra reach there and save the Purvi. Purvi Virendra will fall into his lap.


Vaibhav forced honeymoon trip with Priyu - jiotvvinee
Vaibhav forced honeymoon trip with Priyu

And in this way, Purvi’s life will be saved. The headman may have saved Virendra’s life, but seeing this action, Virendra will get very angry.

And he will also apply for the senior class. After all this, Virender Sr. will definitely be scolded. But will he be angry with Purvi as well?

And will that stop him from going to college? The upcoming episode of Molkki to be more interesting and funny.

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