Molkki serial Upcoming twist, Priyasi’s death secret will open, Big twist

Molkki spoilers episode: In the upcoming episode of Molkki, you will see that the secret of Priyasi’s death will come in front of Virendra and Purvi.

While Vaibhav pushes Priyasi to death on one side, he goes to her house and through her parents also tells the lie to Purvi that she has reached the right safe house.

But Priyasi is not satisfied. She will not sit peacefully until she talks to the Purvi darling. Purvi is going to get into a lot of trouble Purvi’s life will be in danger, in fact.

Purvi and Sudha’s college freshers will go to the party and will also enjoy it there, only then his senior will try to take revenge on Purvi.

He will get drunk shot in Purvi’s drink. So that the Purvi loses its improved Mercury. After which Purvi drinks that drink and faints.

Then some of the seniors come there and lay it in the bathtub and open the water tap. And lock the gate and go from there.

Sudha, who is present at the party, tries to find Purvi, and all this comes to Virendra too as his senior tries to do wrong again with Purvi.

He tries to kill him. After that Virendra loses his temper and Virendra will also take a big step against all of them.

It will be interesting to see in the coming episodes that when Purvi comes out of the mouth of death, then he will know how big a shock.

He will be when the beloved is not alive. Is Priyasi really dead or has she come out of the well of death. What will happen next We will get to see everything in the next episode of the Molkki serial.


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