Molkki serial Upcoming twist: Anjali in an attempt to ruin the life of Virendra and Purvi with a new enemy

Molkki serial Upcoming twist: In the upcoming episode of Molkki, you will see that Purvi will play the promise made to Virendra.

Vaibhav dies at the hands of Virendra but Virendra did not want to kill him. By mistake, Virendra shoots at Vaibhav.

Vaibhav’s foot slips and he falls down only when Virendra wants to hit his leg but when Vaibhav falls down. Then Virendra shoots and the bullet hits him.

It is inserted in the chest. After which Vaibhav dies on the spot. Seeing all this, all the family members go to the square and after that the police carry Virendra in his pocket.


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Seeing all this, the eyes of Purvi one gets filled when Virendra goes to the heart and the former takes a promise that in his absence you will take care of all the family members.

And you will also fulfill all the responsibility of children as well. Then the family asks Purvi, where is the father, then Anjali tells the children that our father is in jail.

Then Purvi comes back and reverses the matter and she tells the children that your father should do some work on the ground in front of the jail.

Molkki serial Upcoming twist 22 February 2021: Virendra will be jailed for the crime of Vaibhav morder - jiotvvinee
Virendra will be jailed for the crime of Vaibhav morder

He will get the work done and come back in a few days. PurviΒ takes food for Virendra and both of them also feed each other.

Here Anjali is trying to ruin the life of Virendra and Purvi together with a new enemy. Anjali knows that person very well.

Now in the coming episodes Molkki it will be interesting to see who the new enemy is and what are the new plans that they are going to do together.


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