Molkki serial 16 February 2021 episode: Will Virendra stop going to Purvi College?

Molkki spoilers episode: In the upcoming episode of Molkki, you will see that the locality will be in danger, will Virendra be able to save his life this time?

Vaibhav takes Priyashi towards the unit, leaving Priyasi’s hand there where she falls into the abyss and Vaibhav hides from his family.

Vaibhav and Priyasi are going to his village and also lies to all the family. He speaks because Vaibhav is afraid that if Virendra comes to know the truth, they will not leave him.

On the other hand, Purvi’s boy who took ragging is the son of Virendra’s enemy and in such a situation, he will harass Purvi more even in college.

On Valentine’s Day, there will be a freshers party in which Purvi asks Virendra to go to the party with permission and Virendra will say yes to Purvi that you can go to this party.

Wearing a Purvi Western dress, she will go to the party and seeing this new look of Purvi, Virendra will keep looking at her.

In the same party where Purvi is enjoying, the same boy will add him to the Purvi’s drink with a bullet and make him unconscious.

Take it to the bathroom and sit in the bathtub and leave the water tap also open, and Purvi will be in that condition in the condition of electricity, and as the water fills the Purvi will sink.

Now the upcoming episodes will see or interesting who ultimately saves Purvi’s life. Does Virendra save Purvi’s life?

Will Virendra stop going to Purvi College due to repeated accidents with Purvi? So that In the upcoming episode of Molkki is more interesting.


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