Molkki serial 15 February 2021 episode: Priyashi’s life is in danger due to Ram, will Purvi save his life?

Molkki spoilers episode: In the upcoming episodes of the serial Molkki, we will get to see that the life of the beloved is in danger. That too because of Virendra’s brother Vaibhav.

Vaibhav appears to be very insolent with Priyashi. On the other side, we will get to see that Purvi school now goes. Her ragging is given by her seniors in school. And he is asked to walk on the terrace.

She is very scared while walking on the roof terrace, she falls for fear. But Virendra standing down saves him. On the other hand, we will get to see that the life of Priyashi, sister of Purvi, is now in danger.

Because Virendra’s brother Vaibhav has become an enemy of Priyashi’s life, he wants to kill him. Vaibhav will continue to take revenge on his beloved.

In the coming episodes, we will get to see that Vaibhav is seen forcing Priyasi to forcefully sit in the car. Vaibhav takes Priyashi in the car far away from his house, near a ditch.

That means Vaibhav will be seen trying to kill Priyashi. In this serial, we will get a big twist in the following episodes.

When Vaibhav is taking it to throw the beloved in the ditch. Then his car collides with another car. And due to the collision, Vaibhav falls out of the car.

The beloved is seen trying to escape by getting out of the car. Then the chief and the eastern are sitting on a bicycle.


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Priyasi is seen looking at her sister Purvi and voicing her own defense. Will, we really get to see the love of Priyasi, we will see all this in the following episodes.

We will also see that if the death of Priyasi is true, then Virendra will punish Vaibhav very severely. What will happen next We will get to see everything in the next episode of Molkki serial.


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