Molkki 5th April 2021 full episode: Prakashi Devi’s exposed in front of Purvi

Molkki 5th April 2021 full episode: In the upcoming episodes of Molkki, you will see that Purvi will come to save Juhi and Manas.

Actually, Juhi and Manav spoil Anjali’s party, he mixes insects in the food, which spoils her party.

On the other hand, Anjali suspects that it must have been done by Juhi and Manas, so while punishing them, she drags them both to a dungeon and closes them.

In this way, Anjali does not give anything to Juhi and Manas to eat and drink. But both those children come out of there.

He stays asleep in his room at night, when only the phone comes on his mobile, after which the two of them receive him, then the call remains to Purvi and not to anyone else.

Molkki 5th April 2021 full episode: jiotvvinee

The two children become much happier after hearing Purvi’s voice. Purvi asks the two children to take care of them and live well.

In this way, Juhi and Manas ask Purvi that where are you Purvi tells them that I do not even know where I am.

Then Purvi has made a video call to both of them with the help of a laptop there, after which Purvi also refuses to tell Manas and Juhi this truth to anyone.

Purvi says that he will not tell anyone about it. In this way, after talking about both, Purvi will also try to get out of there for her children.

Now it will be interesting to see in the upcoming episodes whether Anjali and Virendra’s mother will come to know that Purvi had talked to both those children.

Will Purvi come to know that no one but Kidnapping is the mother of Anjali and Virendra. We will get to see all this in further episodes of the serial Molkki.


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