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Molkki written update 3rd May 2021 Episode: A huge twist to us in the upcoming episode of the serial Mollki. In the following episodes, we will see that Purvi will leave Virendra.

Here Virendra must have been increasingly suffering from the pain of going to Purvi side. Here the reason behind leaving Virendra in Purvi is the return of Virendra’s first wife witness in his life.

Due to this, Purvi seems to feel that now his dreams will not be fulfilled with Virendra, due to this, he leaves Virendra and leaves.

We get to see further in the serial that Virendra was going to marry Purvi but at the same time Sakshi comes there. Because of which Virender is very happy to see Sakshi.

Virendra is not only happy to see Sakshi with her children but also hugs her. While on the other side, Purvi Virendra is waiting in the pavilion for marriage.


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Thus in the episodes ahead of serial mall key, we get to see that Purvi wants to get away from Virendra’s life forever and forever because of this.

The same we will get to see in further episodes that Sakshi’s health will once again be very bad. After which, Virendra will be seen carrying her in her arms and carrying her to the room, seeing this, she is very sad to see that she is very sad.

The same Virendra calls the doctor. After doing the checkup, the doctor tells Virendra that you have to take good care of Shakshi on a regular basis. He should not lack anything.

If they have any type of deficiency, then their health may worsen back. We will see further in this serial that after Sakshi regains consciousness, no one will tell her about the marriage of Virendra and Purvi.

Because if anyone tries to tell the witness about Virendra’s and Purvi’s marriage, then his health may deteriorate again due to which he will not know anything.

On the other hand, we will get to see that Purvi is very unhappy after thinking about all these things, she goes to her room and removes her jewels and keeps them very sad thinking that How hard he had adopted Virendra’s children and him.

In the next episode of the serial hen, it will be much more interesting to see if Virendra will go to persuade and bring him back as Purvi is gone.


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