Molkki 3 March 2021 full episode: Will Vaibhav shoot Mukhiya Ji?

Molkki 3 March 2021 full episode: In the upcoming episodes of Molkki, you will see that the truth of Bhuri will come in front of the housemates.

Purvi and Bhuri catches red-handed. And when she brings it to the house. Then the truth of the evil is revealed to everyone.

She confesses where she goes every day. She goes on the orders of Anjali only and only. And does everything on her own Are

At the same time, trouble will come on Purvi and Virendra too. Purvi gave chocolate to someone first in college.

Then he took notes after that. After which Purvi does not want to tell all this to Virendra so that the matter does not escalate.

Anjali, along with Virendra’s mother, is now planning another big game. She does not want both Virender and Purvi to be together.

And Anjali wants that she should take these two out of the house and rule this house as it should be.

It is interesting to see in the Molkki serial upcoming episodes whether Anjali’s plan will be successful. Will Virendra and Purvi be separated from each other.


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