Molkki 28th Promo Written Update: Mukhiya’s exam will have to choose between Purvi or Sakshi

Molkki 28th Promo Written Update: The next episode of the serial Molkki is going to have a big twist, Mukhiya’s exam will have to choose between Purvi or Sakshi.

In the following episodes, we will get to see an asura also a fun twist, hatred has arisen between Sakshi and Purvi.

Actually, Sakshi has been seen supporting Purvi in ​​the show so far, but as Virender and his two children, Juhi and Manas are getting closer to Purvi.

So the witness will now say to Purvi that your 6-month love is overshadowing our 10-year marriage, so now you will have to leave all of us forever from here.

And then Virendra will come there and say that Bawri means that Purvi will not go anywhere, but Sakshi is going to cause a lot of trouble in front of Birendra.


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She will tell Virendra that if Purvi does not go from here, then you will have to choose either one of us, Sakshi or Purvi.

This means that Virendra is now going to be in big trouble, out of Sakshi or Purvi. Actually, you are not going to hide anything from Sakshi, she will know that Virendra and Purvi love each other.

And the way Virendra and his two children Juhi and Manas have become more close to Purvi, all this will create hatred in the witness’s mind against Purvi.

But Sakshi knows that Purvi is a good girl but no one can see her family falling apart.

So she will ask Purvi to go but Virendra will not let Purvi go anywhere. But now on the night of this decision, it will be much more interesting to see who Mukhiya chooses from Sakshi and Purvi.


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