Molkki 28 January 2021 full episode: Anjali got Solid evidence against Purvi

In today’s episode of Molkki, it will be seen that Anjali will bring any evidence to break the marriage of Vaibhav and Pihu.

Which he should show before all the householders so that he can let them Purvi down. Another big secret will be revealed in the same story.

As the wedding ceremony of Vaibhav and Priya’s wedding mehndi is going on. Then a parcel arrives. Which takes brown. And she looks very nervous.

At the same time, Purvi prevents brown. And asks what is in the parcel. But Brown leaves there with no excuse.

The same Anjali and her sister together are planning to break up Vaibhav and Pihu’s marriage. On the other hand, everybody is applying Henna.

Due to this, Henna is also applied in the hands of the Purvi. Anjani mixes soda in mehndi. Because of which the mehndi does not give color.

And she comes and speaks to Purvi. Let’s tell mehndi when Purvi mehndi is removed. So she sees that the hands are not painted on.

Seeing which Anjali starts taunting a lot. Hearing this, Mukhiya Ji’s heart becomes sad. And she gets angry with Virendra and leaves.

Then Mukhiya Ji starts a medicine. And she starts thinking. What medicine it is. Then she learns that it is the same medicine. The brown which was ordered.

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Then the name of that medicine is searched on Purvi Google. It is then revealed that this is the medicine.

Which leads to excessive sleep after eating. And the man remains asleep for several days. Hearing this, the head gets very tense.

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And she starts wondering what Brown is going to do. And what truth is she hiding from us? The same will be seen in the upcoming episode that Anjali will leave the mehndi ritual to gather evidence against Pihu.

After that, the housemates start searching for Anjali. But Anjali is nowhere to be seen at home. All the people get upset when Anjali is not found at home. Where did she go?

The head also begins to fear where Anjali has gone. She is not going to do anything wrong. Next, you are going to see that there seems to be some such evidence in Anjali’s hand.

Which will create havoc in the life of Pihu and Purvi. The upcoming episode of the serial Molkki will be very interesting and fun.


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