• Molkki written update, Molkki 27th April 2021 full episode, Molkki Purvi

Molkki 27th April 2021 full episode: Molkki In this episode of Molkki, we will see that Prakashi Devi and Anjali will imprison Sakshi again.

And in this episode, it will also see that Prakashi Devi will play a new trick against Virendra and Purvi and will use Sakshi in it.

Actually, it is also seen that Virendra is very romantic and proposes to Purvi for marriage and Purvi also says yes because all truth has been revealed to Purvi.


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Actually, Purvi land and Anjali hear that Virendra had no hand in whatever happened, but that everything is done by Anjali, so Purvi says yes to marriage.

Then, Prakashi Devi and Anjali turn their attention on Sakshi and imprison Sakshi again and torture Sakshi equally.

Anjali asks Prakashi Devi what she used to do before and when the witness gets nervous, then Prakashi Devi says that now something will happen that will cause a big blow to Purvi.

That means that she will not be able to handle herself, now surely Prakashi Devi will use Sakshi and try to break Virendra and Purvi’s marriage and hence bring Sakshi back to Virendra’s life.

And the biggest shock will come to Eastern when he comes to know that the witness he was saving from Prakashi Devi is none other than Virendra’s first wife.

And with the return of Sakshi, the land will be slipped under Purvi’s feet and all her desires will be found in the soil and Purvi will not be able to get married because Virendra can change his decision due to the witness’s coming back.

At the same time, Purvi and Virendra will go to Goa’s farmhouse for their wedding and they will be getting married with great pomp, then only Prakashi Devi says.

That before marriage, the girl and the bride or groom do not stay in one room and will give Virendra and Purvi in ​​separate rooms, only then Virendra sneaks in through the window late in the night to meet Purvi.

But now it has to be seen whether the witness will come and break the relationship of Virendra and Purvi or help Purvi to get his real rights or the witness will allow Purvi to become his son.