Molkki 27 January 2021 full episode: How will Purvi save his sister from new trouble? New twist

In the upcoming episode of Molkki, you will see that Pihu’s past will be left unfinished and his revenge will be incomplete on the other hand. Virendra will do all his limits for Purvi’s forgiveness.

Actually, Pihu threatens Vaibhav that she is doing all this only and only to get her revenge, that Vaibhav gets very upset.

Anjali comes and explains to many that every human being has a mistake. Also, find Pihu’s fault and break up with him.

All the family members are busy preparing for Pihu and Vaibhav’s wedding. So Virendra makes every effort to convince his chief.

But Purvi does not forgive Virendra and tells Virendra that for 7 days you can become my slave Stay and the head also accepts Purvi.

On the other hand, in the function of Pihu and Vaibhav’s turmeric, Anjali does her trick, she adds chili to Jigger’s turmeric so that the face of Pihu starts burning.

But Purvi understands that Anjali has made some mistake in turmeric, so she replaces turmeric and gets chili turmeric in splendor.

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In the same turmeric function, Virendra tries to convince his jigger, he also has fun by planting turmeric with him but does not forgive Purvi Virendra.

Where all the family members are busy in the atmosphere of the wedding, in the Purvi trouble. A parcel will come for Purvi in the late-night during the function going on in the house.

Molkki written update 26 January 2021 full episode: jiotvvinee
New trouble in Pihu and Vaibhav’s marriage

She will be taking that parcel, then the chief will see. She Will ask what has come in this night so the Purvi will get very nervous.

On the other hand, Pihu will be talking to Sudha, she will say that she is missing Naveen very much. I wish she did not cheat him in love and neither would she have to oblige.

After listening to all these things of Pihu and Sudha. Anjali secretly listens and now knowing this secretPihu. Anjali will definitely try to break Pihu and Vaibhav’s marriage.

Anjali will also tell Vaibhav the truth of Pihu and his past will bring him and Vaibhav. Anjali A big move will definitely work against Pihu and Purvi.

Now in the coming episodes, we have to see or interest. The upcoming episode of the serial Molkki will be very interesting and fun.


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