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Molkki 23 April 2021 written update: We will get to see Mukhiya in the upcoming episodes of the serial Mollki. Speak your heart to Molkki.

We will get to see the same further that Virendra is going to say his heart to Purvi in a state of intoxication.

At the same time, Purvi speaks to Virendra that you are in a state of intoxication, so you are saying so. Purvi tells Birendra that as soon as your intoxication subsides, you will forget all the said things.

On the other hand, we get to see that Sudha is seen trying to save Sakshi, she is trying to save Sakshi from the eyes of everyone.

But just as Sudha must be returning to the dungeon carrying Sakshi, Prakashi Devi’s eyesight on Sudha and she stops him. We will see further that Anjali and Prakashi Devi are going to know about the witness.

Sakshi goes to a bathroom to escape from the eyes of all these, she stands under the shower, which rubs off the black paint on her face. In this way, Anjali and Prakashi Devi come to know about Sakshi.

Thus, in the upcoming episodes of the serial Molkki, we will get to see that Sakshi is going to come once again in the hands of Anjali and Prakash Devi.


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Now it will be much more interesting to see if Sudha and Purvi teammates will be able to save the witness.