Molkki 22 March 2021 full episode: Entry of Mukhiya’s 1st wife, will Purvi prove her innocence?

Molkki 22 March 2021 full episode: In the upcoming episode of Molkki, you will see that Purvi will prove her innocence in front of Virendra. Virender will regret his mistakes.

Actually, she is going to eat laddus to prove her innocence. Then she faints. And all the families take Purvi to the house, after which Purvi’s eye opens, then she finds Sudha in front of her.

Sudha tells Purvi that Purvi you don’t give up. There are now 12 hours to prove your innocence, after which they make both plans. And tries to trap Virendra.


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Sudha goes to Virendra’s room and tries to get close to him. After which Virendra tells Sudha. To what extent are you going to save your friend?

Purvi records all these things so that he can show everyone in the panchayat and make Virendra realize the same mistake.

On the second day, when the Panchayat decides to Purvi. Then Purvi tells everyone that I want to watch my video once again before eating this laddu.

After which the video with the same Virendra opens. And all the panchayat people start seeing and saying how can you do this, Mukhiya.

Molkki 19th March 2021 full episode: jiotvvinee
Molkki: Will Purvi eat poisoned laddus, secret of Mukhiya’s 1st wife will open

After which Virender tries to get that video closed as well. And he realizes that Purvi’s video would have been made like this as well.

In the upcoming episodes, it will be interesting to see if Purvi will be able to forgive Virendra after proving Purvi’s innocence.

After Virendra’s first wife Sakshi Devi arrives, Purvi and Virendra will separate from each other. In the Molkki coming episodes, it will be interesting.


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