Molkki 16th April written update: Sakshi’s memory comes back


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Molkki 16th April written update: You will see that Sakshi will steal her jewelry in the mansion. In fact, it is seen on the show Purvi, Virendra, Juhi Manas are saved and they return to the mansion properly.

Anjali and Jyoti are surprised to see how these people can escape when the car breaks failed. Well, it is not only Virendra and Purvi in ​​the mansion.

But there is also a witness from back then both Sudha and Priya Suri bring Sakshi to the mansion and she is kept locked in the dungeon.

The same close proximity between Virendra and Purvi will be seen increasing but in the upcoming episodes, due to Sakshi, there is going to be a lot of storms between the two.

In the coming episodes, you will see that Virendra will take care of the house before going out of the mansion. And the key to the vault is that everyone carries Purvi.

Not seeing his mother, his mother would also get angry that she did not give me the keys to Purvi, after which Purvi would take good care of those keys and the whole house.

And she will go to meet Sakshi but Sakshi will insist on going out but Purvi will want to hide Sakshi from all the families and will lock her in the dungeon.

But when she tries to convince the witness, the keys will fall there and she will leave the witness without leaving the key. Because Purvi will not know that Chabhiya has fallen.

Then the witness’s eye will fall on that key and she will go to Virendra’s room and steal all her jewels and bracelets from there.

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Only then will everyone come to know and Prakash Ji will tell Devi Virendra that he will tell that the witness’s bracelets have been stolen and Prakashi Devi will also accuse Purvi by taking advantage of the opportunity.

She asks Purvi that Virendra gave you the key, you did not take care of him, Purvi will also go to the Chowk because for the first time Virendra gave him such a big responsibility.


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Virendra will also take a big step in this matter. If the thief is not found, he will go to the panchayat. Hearing this, Purvi will become very soft because if this matter goes to the panchayat, then the witness will come in front of everyone.

Well, the Molkki written update upcoming episode is going to be very interesting. Will Sakshi’s memory comes back if she comes, whom does Virendra choose?


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