Molkki 11 March 2021 full episode: Mukhiya Suspected to Purvi Character

Molkki 11 March 2021 full episode: In the upcoming episode of Molkki, you will see if Purvi will once again prove to be a lie to Virendra. Will she get caught in her own trap?

Where Purvi sees the woman saying in the ruins with the help of that drone camera, and she goes to the ruins herself to find it all out.

She sees Anjali and Bhury there. Then she tells Anjali Is that your game is over. But Anjali tells him that what proof do you have, after which the war of Purvi falls heavily on itself.



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She takes Virendra to show this truth but there is no one here. After which all the family members and Virendra also start to doubt Purvi itself.

Those people say that it seems that the mental balance of Purvi has deteriorated, that is why she is thinking and watching such things again and again.

He comes to Karan Purvi’s house. And he deliberately spills water on his shirt. After that Purvi starts asking for that water.

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And goes near Karan. And all these videos are made by another human being. After which the reason will blackmail Purvi with that video.

Now it is interesting to see in the Molkki upcoming episodes that it will be distance between Virendra and Purvi after watching the video.


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