Mars Perseverance rover (NASA) is operating from a London flat, scientists of Indian origin, what is special about this

Mars Perseverance rover: Perseverance rover sent for NASA Mars mission 2020 is being operated by a specially trained Indian origin scientist from a London flat.

The US space agency NASA had recently started the India Mission 2020, for which they have successfully landed the robot Perseverance rover on Mars.

The Perseverance rover is successfully contributing to the gathering of information of Mars house in the present time.

You would like to tell everyone that this robot was built by working with day and night by a team of hundreds of scientists of NASA.

Sanjeev Gupta is a part of this mission. Would you like to tell everyone that Professor Sanjeev Gupta who is a scientist of Indian origin.

The Perceiver Rover sent for this mission is currently being controlled from NASA’s Head Quarter or not from the office but sitting at his home.

It is controlled by none other than Indian-origin scientist Sanjeev Gupta. You would like to tell everyone that for this they have rented a 1 bedroom flat in South London.

This has been done due to the coronavirus epidemic. At present, Sanjeev Gupta is 55 years old.

Scientist Sanjeev Gupta is associated with this mission of Mars to NASA. He is also one of the scientists of the project who is part of this campaign to bring samples from Mars in 2027.

Only by examining these specimens will you be able to know whether there is life on Mars or not.

For this, in the coming time, Professor Sanjeev Gupta and his colleagues will also do several tasks on the Mars Perseverance rover for Mission Mangal 2020.

Professor Gupta says that more than 400 scientists associated with this mission are working from home. Because there is a travel ban right now.

According to Professor Gupta, the information obtained through Perseverance rover –

  1. Robot Perseverance rover sent for Mars mission 2020, which has landed on Jaziro Crater At 2 O’clock of Mars.
  2. He is a good spot. I believe that this crater was formed billions of years ago due to an asteroid hitting Mars.
  3. Through Perseverance Rover, we have seen the old river valley and delta on Mars.
  4. Professor Gupta and his team hold several meetings daily and decide where to pick up samples through the Mars preservation rover.

What is the reason for landing rover on Mars?

The main task of the robot rover, sent under Mission Mars 2020, was to gain thorough practical knowledge about Mars. To get your experience and information about Mars in a much better way.

So whether life on Mars is possible in the future, or not. Whether men can visit him or not. It is to know all things.

Because of this, the robot Mars Perseverance rover was sent to Mars under Mars Mission 2020. Which is working successfully in solving a lot of things to a great extent.

When is the Mars rover landing?

According to Mission Mars 2020 Mars rover to be launched from Kennedy space center on July 30. The landing is 18 February 2021.


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