MahaShivratri 2021 Date, Shivratri Kab Hai, Puja Vidhi, Muhurat, Vrat Vidhi

MahaShivratri 2021 Date, Shivratri Kab Hai, Puja Vidhi, Muhurat, Vrat Vidhi: This year the festival of Mahashivratri will be celebrated on 11 March 2021 (Thursday).

It is believed that Lord Shiva and Mother Parvati were married on the day of Shivaratri. On this day, Lord Shiva is worshiped with complete rituals and fast is also observed.

Auspicious time of Mahashivaratri, First Prahar Puja Time:

● 06:27 PM to 09:29 PM

● Night Second Prahar Puja Time: night 09:29 to 12:31

● Night 3rd Prahar Puja Time: 12:31 pm to 03:32 pm

● Night IV Prahar Puja Time: 03:32 am to 06:34 pm

Do these measures on Mahashivaratri –

Lord Shiva is believed to fulfill all kinds of desires. People who have any kind of obstacles in their lives. They should worship on this day following the rules of fasting.

It is beneficial to do abhishekam in the morning on Mahashivaratri. On this day, you should offer and enjoy the offerings of the beloved things of Lord Shiva.

People who have any inauspicious yoga created by Shani, Rahu and Ketu in their horoscope, go away.

Mahashivratri Puja 2021 Date, Puja Vidhi: In this Muhurta tomorrow, gather these worship materials and other information here, including the worship method, for fasting today.

Fasting method –

On the morning of Mahashivaratri, after fasting, taking a fast, taking bath, etc., apply Tripund Tilak of Bhasma on the forehead and put a garland of Rudraksha on the neck After this, go to a Shiva temple located nearby and worship Shivalinga.

Take the resolution of fasting in this way –

Shivaratrivratam Hayatat Karishyam Mahafalam. In the Nirvighnamastu, there is the Chaatra Tvatprasadaadjagatpate.

Saying this shloka while saying, taking flowers, rice and water in your hand and offering it on the Shivling.

  1. Devdev Mahadev Neelkanth Namostu te.
  2. Kartumichamayam Dev Shivaratrivratam Tv.
  3. Tava prasadadevesh nirvighnen bhavediti.
  4. Kamadya: Shatruva Maa Va Pidaan Kurvantu Naiva He.

Ingredients to perform Jalabhishek (Shivratri Pujan Samagri)

Milk, yogurt, honey, ghee, sandalwood, sugar, gangajal, belpatra, kaner, whitark, white akha, dhatura, kamalgatta, panchamrit, rose, indigo lotus, paan, jaggery, lamp, incense sticks.

● Mahashivratri Nishita Kaal Muhurta

According to the Panchang, Mahashivratri i.e. on March 11, from 12 o’clock in the morning to 06.45 in the morning, Nishita time will remain. Along with this, the completion of Mahashivaratri fast i.e. Paran Muhurta is made from 06.34 AM to 03:00 PM on March 12.

MahaShivratri 2021 Date, Shivratri Kab Hai, Puja Vidhi, Muhurat, Vrat Vidhi - jiotvvinee
MahaShivratri 2021 Date, Shivratri Kab Hai, Puja Vidhi, Muhurat, Vrat Vidhi

● The right way to do Jalabhishek on Shivling

First offer Gangajal on the Shivling. After this, offer Panchamrit. Then offer milk, curd, honey, ghee, sugar and then take a bath with Ganges water.

After this, offer sandalwood paste, Belpatra, Kaner, Shwetark, white akha, Dhatura, Kamalgatta, Gulab, Neel Kamal, Paan etc. in the Shivling.

While doing Jalabhishek, keep chanting the mantra of Lord Shiva or just ‘Om Namah: Shivaay’. After this, light a lamp, incense sticks and perform aarti. After performing the Aarti, also apologize to Lord Shiva for your mistakes and omissions.


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