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Love Shayari text Hindi: 2 line love Romantic Shayari in Hindi, we will talk about some beautiful and romantic Shayari. Which you can send to your girlfriend.

You can use Romantic Shayari to tell your girlfriend or girlfriend to speak your mind in words. However, a lot of people like to listen and recite poetry.

If you say poetry according to your filings, then the style of saying it is different. So that any shayari is liked by someone else.

And you can share your mind and your love feeling with each other. Through romantic Shayari, you can give more happiness to your loved ones. If you have ever loved someone in your life.

You will know very well that the experience of love is more exciting and enjoyable than all the experiences from life.

You all will know that love is like a chemical reaction that slowly takes effect. Love Shayari text Hindi –

Mainne kaha beemaar hoon dava deejiye 💓!
Usane muskura kar kaha hamen dekh leejiye 💓!!

Shayari for gf in english - jiotvvinee
Shayari for gf in english

मैंने कहा बीमार हूँ दवा दीजिये 💓!
उसने मुस्कुरा कर कहा हमें देख लीजिये 💓!!

Meree jindagee meree jaan ho tum 💓!
Aur kya kahoon mere liye sukoon ka dusara naam ho tum 💓!!

Shayari for gf in english - jiotvvinee
Shayari for gf in english

मेरी जिंदगी मेरी जान हो तुम 💓!
और क्या कहूँ मेरे लिये सुकून का दुसरा नाम हो तुम 💓!!

Bas mil jaaye too ek dapha 💓!
Dahez mein kuchh nahin chaahiye tere siva 💓!!

बस मिल जाये तू एक दफा 💓!
दहेज़ में कुछ नहीं चाहिये तेरे सिवा 💓!!

Sardee mein garm hava jaisee hai 💓!
Tere haathon kee chaay bilakul dava jaisee hai 💓!!

Love Shayari text Hindi - Jiotvvinee
Love Shayari text Hindi

सर्दी में गर्म हवा जैसी है 💓!
तेरे हाथों की चाय बिलकुल दवा जैसी है 💓!!

Mera paagal sa pyaar ho tum 💓!
Is dil ke ikalaute haqadaar ho tum 💓!

Love Shayari text Hindi - JIOTVVINEE
Love Shayari text Hindi

मेरा पागल सा प्यार हो तुम 💓!
इस दिल के इकलौते हक़दार हो तुम 💓!!


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