latest entertainment news: Sana Khan is seen enjoying a gold plated coffee inside the Burj Khalifa along with her husband

Latest entertainment news: Bollybood actress Sana Khan gives the audience, Shared picture of gold-plated coffee in Burj Khalifa with husband Anas Syed.

These days actress Sana Khan is enjoying her married life very much. She is seen enjoying gold plated coffee inside Burj Khalifa with her husband.

In fact, she has recently shared a beautiful photo on her Instagram in which she is seen enjoying a gold plated coffee with her husband Mufti Anas Saeed.

Let me tell you that Sana Khan, who is a farmer Indian actress model and dancer, has worked in many Hindi Tamil and Telugu films. He started his film world by modeling.

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Although she has also worked in many television shows, she has acted in more than 14 films so far, which were released in more than 5 languages.

She was married to Sana Nahi Aana in November 2020, which she informed her audience through social media.


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However, now both of them are seen having breakfast in Burj Khalifa, they shared this picture on their Instagram account, which is becoming very fast.

Let everyone know that Sana Khan has said goodbye to her acting career, her husband Anas is probably a businessman. Her husband Anas has her breakfast at Burj Khalifa in Dubai, whose picture she has shared on her social media Instagram.


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