Kundali bhagya spoilers Alert: will Mahira Preeta’s card clear, Big Twist

Today’s episode of Kundali Bhagya spoilers Alert is going to be a lot more fun. Because in today’s episode we will get to see that Preeta tells Karan, “May our marriage not get spoiled because of Mahira.

Because Mahira is coming in between Preeta and Karan. About this, Preeta tells Karan, that our married life should not be ruined.

Hence Preeta thinks that Karan should drive Mahira out of the house. You guys will see further that Karan convinces Preeta. That there will be no misunderstanding between us because of Mahira.

Karan tells Preeta that we know. What is going on in your mind We have kept Preeta here as just a friend. I will not let your trust be broken. The first mistake I made. Now we are trying to improve with that.

Preeta tells Karan. You are saying all these things in such a way that you are also feeling like this. That’s when Sherlyn comes there. And says that Mahira is insisting that she will take medicine from your hands.

Karan then goes to feed Mahira the medicine. Preeta gets very nervous when she sees Karan. And starts following Karan.

Mahira is trying to get very close to Karan. Which Preeta does not like even a little. As Karan walks out of Mahira’s room. Preeta then goes to her room to give Mahira a warning.

Preeta tells Mahira that whatever you are doing. She is not doing well at all. If you try to interfere in my married life, I will not leave you. And Preeta tells Mahira you are very fond of cutting the vein.

So you would have been somewhere with me, I would have told a place where there is little chance of your being saved after cutting the vein. On hearing all this, Mahira gets very nervous. The upcoming episode of Kundali Bhagya spoilers Alert is more interesting.

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