JioTvvinee: Under the Kundali Bhagya spoiler alert, you will get to see the upcoming episodes and adventures of October 15, 2020. Preeta did a bad thing by beating Prithvi with a pole. Now whether the Prithvi’s brother Pawan will come forward to help him or not.

In the episode behind Kundali Bhagya, we saw that Preeta’s kidnapping is done by Pawan. Preeta is kidnapped by Pawan so that he can marry Prithvi. But Preeta kills Prithvi by giving him a bad condition. Preeta kills Prithvi in ​​order to get rid of her.

After some time, the Prithvi becomes aware. She is quite happy to see Preeta near her. Prithvi appreciates Pawan for doing so much to Preeta.

Here Preeta comes to know the truth of the Prithvi. Knowing the truth of the Prithvi, Preeta is very angry. Preeta tells Prithvi that she does not deserve to be trusted. It cooks that Karna thought about you perfectly. You are not trustworthy at all.

Prithvi gets angry after hearing Preeta’s words. And he kills Preeta and falls on the bed. Prithvi tells Preeta that she will take Karan’s name from now on. Preeta is shocked to hear all these things.

Upon hearing these things on the Prithvi, Preeta becomes angry. She kills Prithvi with a pole and makes him ill. Hearing the sound of Prithvi, his brother Pawan moves towards the room to help him. Till then Preeta becomes more alert. As soon as Pawan comes into the room, Preeta closes the wind and Prithvi in ​​the room and runs away.

After which she goes to Janaki. Janaki tells Preeta that she now remembers everything that Sherlyn and Mahira have tried to kill her many times.

Janaki tells Preeta that there is a relationship between Prithvi and Sherlyn. Upon hearing this, Preeta’s senses fly away. Preeta says how stupid she is that she could not understand all this.

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Preeta says she will now teach them a good lesson. Seeing the condition of the Prithvi here, Pawan enjoys it and says that if Preeta’s husband were here, she would have beaten him more. Hearing this, the earth gets shocked.

Preeta tries to escape from Pawan’s base with Janaki and Srishti. Then Pawan comes there with his companions. Here Sherlyn tells Mahira that now only her mother can help her. He says that both Kareena Bua and her mother are friends. Therefore, he should seek the help of his mother now. The episodes under the Kundali Bhagya spoiler alert will be more exciting. You can watch all episodes on Zee5.