Kundali Bhagya Spoiler alert 1 feb episode: Preeta’s praise in front of everyone

Kundali Bhagya Spoiler alert 1 feb episode: jiotvvinee
Preeta's praise in front of everyone

In Monday’s episode of Kundali Bhagya, you will see that Karan Kritika and Kareena praise Preeta very much. She feels that the photo that was shown to everyone at the function was a surprise for Preeta.

But Preeta gets shocked after listening to all these people and she Can not muster the courage to tell everyone the truth.

After this, a call comes on Karan’s mobile and after receiving that phone, Karan comes in a lot of tension. Then Preeta asks Karan what is the matter why is he in so much tension.

So Karan says that Kritika I have to attend an important meeting on the same day that the rituals are held. Which is of the Rishabh? And if the Rishabh is not here, I have to go to that place to attend the meeting.

Which is very important, so I do not want to leave him under any circumstances. Karan then tells Preeta that you should play the ritual of Kritika’s bangles.

So that the family members of Akshay do not feel bad and neither does Kritika.
After listening to all these things, Preeta starts thinking that if I want to break the marriage of good and Kritika then how can I do this.

Seeing so much confidence in Karan, she gives a yes to assuming all the responsibilities, along with this Karan also speaks That I will talk to Kareena Bua to give you all the responsibilities of marriage.

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As soon as Karan goes out of the room, Akshay’s phone comes on the father’s mobile and he calls him to meet down.

Despite Preeta’s refusal, Akshay comes down and tells Preeta a lot of good luck. He says that you have seen the consequences of hitting me.

You try to expose my truth to everyone every time you try to expose me. Every time you have to face the mouth and after listening to all these things, Preeta does not say anything.

She leaves from there. There will again be a function in Luthra House which will be of Rasam of Kritika’s bangles. Now it will be interesting to see how Preeta brings the truth of Akshay to everyone because Karan is also not with her.

Will she be able to do all this alone? Will she be able to bring the truth of Akshay to everyone. The upcoming episode of the Kundali section will be very exciting.