Kundali Bhagya serial 5th February episode: Kareena kicks Preeta out of Luthra House

Kundali Bhagya serial 5th February episode: Kareena kicks Preeta out of Luthra House-jiotvvinee
Kundali Bhagya serial: Kareena kicks Preeta out of Luthra House

Kundali Bhagya serial: In Kundali Bhagya we saw that Preeta’s way of exposing Akshay was overshadowed by her and she again proved to be wrong in front of everyone.

After which Kareena Bua apologizes to Akshay’s housemates. Kareena says that Preeta’s because Now there will be no problem in this marriage.

It is shown in the show that after all the family is gone, Akshay’s parents slap Akshay vigorously. And he says that if he does not come on time.

Today all his truth would be revealed to everyone. The parents have also met well and that too is included in all plans.

Ruchika also has a son whose father is good and all these things are well known to the family members of Akshay.

And here Kareena Hua does not take Preeta home, she leaves Preeta outside the hotel itself. After that when Good comes out of the hotel.

And he tells Preeta that Preeta will not break her and Kritika’s marriage. Her every effort is failing and Akshay says to Preeta that now you stop spying.

This is good for you, then Preeta again challenges Akshay that she will not let her and Kritika get married under any circumstances, then Akshay says that today she and Kritika will be married no matter what happens.

Akshay then tells Preeta that he had already seen Sameer outside his room. He was convinced at the same time that Sameer would definitely mess something up, so he had sent Megha with the waiter already.

Preeta calls Sameer and Srishti and tells them that all of them have failed once again. And after that Preeta goes to Luthra House, Kareena is already standing there with Preeta.

Kundali Bhagya serial: Akshay and Kritika marriage break

Tells clearly that until Kritika is married, she should not even show her face in Luthra House. Now in the upcoming episode, you will see that Kareena kills Preeta and drives her out of the Luthra house.

But only then Karan comes. And he fights Kareena Bua for Preeta. And he says that Preeta will not go anywhere.

She will stay here and it will be interesting to see what Preeta will do to break the marriage of Kritika and Akshay.

Will she break the marriage of Akshay and Kritika or not. We will get to see all this in the Kundali Bhagya serial next episode.