Kundali Bhagya serial 11 February 2021 episode: Finally Kritika’s marriage breaks up

Kundali Bhagya serial 11 February 2021 episode: Finally Kritika's marriage breaks up- jiotvvinee
Kundali Bhagya serial, Finally Kritika's marriage breaks up

Kundali Bhagya serial:Β  In the upcoming episode of Kundali Bhagya, you will see that after Kritika’s marriage breaks up, she breaks up a lot.

To correct Kritika’s mood, she sends Kritika away from home, while Kareena thinks that she has Preetika. Will surely punish for breaking the marriage.

The same Preeti goes to her house and always thinks about Karan. The same Karan thinks about things and gets so upset that she vents all her anger on Srishti.

But then Preeta also apologizes to Srishti. Srishti says that she will forgive him only when he talks to Karan Jiju on the phone.

After this, when Preeta calls Karan, no one talks to Preeta. He disconnects the phone saying that he has packed all of Preeta’s clothes and he will send her clothes to her house soon.

And due to this action of Karna, Preeta becomes even angrier on her. Karan disconnects the phone but after that, she realizes that she did not do it right.

The same creation insists to Preeta that she will once again Talk to Karan. Karan says that there is no need, she will come and get her clothes on her own.

And such days go on sitting and both of them are not happy at all and away from each other.

In the upcoming episodes, you will see that both of them miss each other so much that they appear together everywhere.

The same Valentine’s Day function will also be seen inside this show in which Sameer and Srishti will try to bring these two closer.

Now, it will be interesting to see to next episode Kundali Bhagya serial, if this plan of Sameer and Srishti is successful or not.