Kundali Bhagya 30 April 2021 written update: Preeta’s case weak in court

Kundali Bhagya 30 April 2021 written update: In the next episode of the serial Kundali Bhagya, we get to see that Sameer and Srishti arrive at the coach factory where Prithvi is about to meet the blackmailer.

Prithvi covers his face so that Sameer and Srishti feel that it is the same blackmailer who was blackmailing Mahira.

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The same we get to see further that the guard of the factory sees the blackmailer and considers the thief. In this way, the guard summons the police there, after seeing the guard, all the people hide in the factory.

The blackmailer escapes from Gord even when he escapes, but Srishti and Sameer collide with the guards while running away.

He told us to look further that the earth sees Sameer and Srishti in the factory, seeing them, he is absolutely overpowered. Prithvi tries to escape from there.

Shrishti and Sameer try to catch him but he fails. Next, we get to see that Srishti and Sameer are not able to hold Prithvi.

Srishti and Sameer appear to make a new plan to capture Prithvi. Srishti and Sameer plan that they will pour hot water over the earth so that it will be exposed to everyone.

The blackmail I was doing to Mahira here was none other than Shubham. Shubham is Akshay’s friend. He was blackmailing Mahira only at her behest.

On the other hand or we get to see that, Preeta’s lawyer comes to Karan and says that his case has become very weak due to Preeta’s statement, he does not think that he will be able to save Preeta.

Kareena gets very nervous after listening to this, he tells the lawyer how he can save Preeta.

Here in the next episode of the serial Kundali Bhagya, we get to see that in front of Karan, Srishti and Sameer are seen asking the question of Prithvi, they ask him what he was doing in the factory.

In answering the questions of Karan and Srishti, Prithvi gets scared. Now it will be quite interesting to see if the lie of Prithvi will be revealed to everyone. Will Karan’s lawyer be able to save Preeta completely.


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