Kundali Bhagya 1 March 2021 full episode: Will Mahira plan against Prthvi?

Kundali Bhagya 1 March 2021 full episode: In the upcoming episode of Kundali Bhagya, you will see that there will be a fierce fight between Prithvi and Sherlyn.

Prithvi goes to Sherlyn’s room and tries to convince her that whatever she has done she has done for you. But Sherlyn tells Prithvi that you are a very deceitful person.

You first implicated me and then Preeta. Now to Kritika too. But however Prthivi convinces Sherlyn. He once again fools Sherlyn.

On the other side, Preeta goes to Kritika’s room. Then Kritika starts praising Prithvi with Preeta. How he saved his life and he was hesitant to come to Luthra House too.

But I forcefully brought them. Preeta tells Kritika that I am also looking for Prithvi ji. They have to give this wedding list.


That everyone has a contact number. Kritika and Preeta go out to find Prithvi who they want to call for marriage.

As soon as Kritika and Preeta go outside Sherlyn’s room, the father is heard by Prithvi’s voice. Then Kritika’s mobile phone calls her friend.

And she goes to talk. That’s when Preeta calls Kritika. She tells Kritika that I am hearing the sound of Prithvi coming from Sherlyn’s room.

The door of Sherlyn’s room is closed from inside. She opens both rooms and goes inside, but Prthivi is not there, she hides.

When Preeta is coming out of Sherlyn’s room, she sees Mahira applying ointment on Karan’s hand. Preeta hurriedly snatches Kim from Mahira’s hand.

And tells her to leave. After which Mahira feels very bad. Karan explains to Preeta and says that you are so positive that I like it for me but there is no need to show you all this in front of Mahira.

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In the morning, the expert of Kundali bhagya sits outside the Luthra House carrying his drama. Here Karan comes out of his room.

So he sees Mahira that Mahira is crying. When he goes to Mahira and asks her the reason for crying, she apologizes to Karan.

She tells Karan that I have done a lot wrong with you and Preeta. Have you forgotten all that, you can make me a friend as before.

Karan also does yes to make him his friend. Now in the coming episodes it will be interesting to see what new plan Mahira is planning against Karan and Preeta. So that Next episode of kudali Bhaagya to be more interesting and amusing.


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