Kumkum Bhagya Written Update 9th April 2021: Goons again commit a fatal attack on Abhi

Kumkum Bhagya Written Update 9th April 2021: Tanu and Alia have a big fight. When Abhi and Tanu’s marriage breaks up. Meanwhile, Alia also tells Tanu that she is Gayatri better than you.

Who is doing anything to cure Abhi. And is taking so much care. Tanu gets even more angry after hearing all this.

And she tells Alia that she is not a Gayatri but a Pragya, then she asks for proof of her being a Pragya from Tanu.

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Tanu tells Alia that if this is the case then let’s go and pick up the veil of Gayatri, everyone will prove who she is.

Aaliya goes down and lifts the veil of Gayatri. After which Pragya comes in front of everyone, and Pragya and Alia have a tremendous fight.

Kumkum Bhagya Written Update 7th April 2021 Ep 1804: JIOTVVINEE
Kumkum Bhagya Written Update

After which Pragya says that I will not leave this house, but Alia kicks Pragya out of the house. But Abhi also goes after him with Pragya.

That’s when Pragya sees Abhi in the market. After which she says what are you doing here, after this Abhi says to Pragya that I cannot live without you, now I will be with you.

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The one who was looking for him to kill Gunda Abhi. He will start chasing them both and he sees Pragya and Abhi together and attacks them both.

Abhi gets hurt a lot as he attacks. After which he faints and the goons think that Abhi is dead. And the goons run away from there.


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After which Pragya picks up Abhi and takes her with her to the hospital. Pragya also prays to God to cure Abhi as soon as possible, celebrating them. Abhi recovers as soon as possible.

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Now in the Next Kumkum Bhagya Written Update, it will be interesting to see if Abhi’s memory is back, now what will happen to Alia and Tanu.


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