KumKum Bhagya: Watch, Preview of 15 October 2020 episode – JioTvvinee

KumKum Bhagya Watch, Preview of 15 October 2020 episode - JioTvvinee
KumKum Bhagya Watch, Preview of 15 October 2020 episode

JioTvvinee: We are going to watch the upcoming episode of Kumkum Bhagya when Riya goes to meet Pragya at the cafe. Riya gets very happy seeing Pragya in the cafe there. But when Riya sees Pragya talking to Sarita’s sister.

Preview of 15 October 2020, KumKum Bhagya serial –

So after listening to her, she would get a little upset. Because Pragya is talking to Sarita’s sister about Prachi and Ranveer’s relationship. Hearing this, all the happiness of Riya reverts to water. And Riya starts leaving without meeting Pragya.

But Pragya then sees Riya leaving from there. And she stops him. Pragya then tells Riya that she has not committed any police complaints against him. She tells him that she did not because she wants to see him happy.

Hearing these things of Pragya, Riya says that you are lying. You did not do a police complaint against me because if you had done a police complaint, Prachi’s job would have gone away.

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It is due to Prachi that he stopped her from going to jail. Prachi says that after listening to all these things, Riya says that after listening to all these things her anger has not diminished even slightly. Prachi says why would she do this to Riya. Hearing this, Riya tells him that he is not loved by her.

Pragya explains to Riya that the love of her part cannot be snatched away from her. But for that, he has to look at everyone with love. Pragya tells Riya that if she talks lovingly to Prachi, then she too will consider him as her sister. And Pragya also says that Prachi is quite good.

In Kumkum Bhagya serial see the big twist, Riya is not listening to Prachi’s husband and she tells Pragya that there is a Prachi’s mother who stays with him forever and on the other side is my mother who left him as a child. And sometimes also list how and where she will be.

Riya also says that she will never forgive her mother. Pragya gets very emotional after hearing all these things from Riya. And in the eyes of Pragya, the tears come.