KumKum Bhagya Spoilers Alert: Big Twist Watch 5 November 2020 preview

𝕂umkum Bhagya Spoilers Alert: In episode of Kumkum Bhagya, we will get to see that Pallavi called Prachi and called her home. When Prachi reaches there, no one is happy to see her.

Prachi asks everyone there if I have made a mistake. Why are you watching us like this? Then Vikram says that son you have not made any mistake. Saying this, Bikram also goes from there.

Then Pallavi says that you have not made a mistake, we have made a mistake. And she stands the same. Prachi stays there for a long time, then she asks Pallavi that you had called me and called. And said that I have a very important job.

Pallavi answers Prachi’s question. And says that you are the maid of this house. You have to tell me the work You must know your work. Get up and go from here and do your work. Pallavi starts praising Prachi by saying this.

Prachi gets tears in his eyes after hearing all this. Seeing this, Pallavi asks. Has anything gone in your eyes?

Dida then says that when people dream with open eyes. So their eyes prick like this. Something similar is happening with Prachi.

Prachi is surprised to hear why Dida and Pallavi are doing this to me. On the other hand, Karan comes to know this. Prachi has come to her house. So Karan becomes very happy.

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And he thinks that Pallavi is going to surprise him. And Pallavi is about to talk to Prachi about her and Karan’s relationship. Karan becomes very happy thinking this.

Karan says that I want Prachi too much. I love him I will keep Prachi as the queen of this house.

I will not let him do any work and will always support him. After a while, he realizes that he is screaming loudly. So, He thinks that if anyone listens, he will say that he is a slave of Joru.

Anyway, if I have to become a slave of Prachi then I will bear it. Just Prachi should be mine, I am ready to bear everything. Now mother has agreed about the relationship between me and Prachi.

Now I will not have any problems. Upcoming episode of KumKum Bhagya Spoilers Alert see Big Twist on Zee5.

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